Menendez touts bill that would help college affordability

Menendez touts bill that would help college affordability

By:  Brenda Flanagan


Sen. Bob Menendez addressed a roomful of students at Union County College in Elizabeth and outlined a bill he’s co-sponsoring that would lift the burden of tuition and fees. It’s called the America’s College Promise Act.

“I believe it’s time we make free community college a reality in this country,” said Menendez. “The legislation creates a $3 to $1 federal match for states that make community college tuition-free, and we should be on our march for making that happen.”

“They would have to maintain a certain average while they’re in school. It’s not a free ride. You got to work for it,” said Menendez.

“Investing in community colleges like UCC is a smart thing to do because they’re accountable, they’re accredited and they’re responsive to the needs of our diverse community. Our bill would encourage more states to follow New Jersey’s lead, and make sure students who complete two-year degrees are able to seamlessly transfer to four-year institutions like Rutgers and TCNJ,” said Menendez.

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