Menendez says 3D guns undermine transportation security

Menendez says 3D guns undermine transportation security

By:  Matt Laslo

A federal judge has now blocked the publication of the blueprints to make your own gun with a 3D printer, but lawmakers from our region fear those plans will soon be available online because the Trump administration is dropping its suit. New Jersey Democratic Senator Bob Menendez says allowing plastic guns to be printed at home with no serial numbers undermines security from Amtrak to airports.

“In our state, we have very tough gun laws, we have one of the lowest rates of gun violence as a result thereof so we wanna preserve that. Doesn’t get preserved if you have an undetectable and untraceable plastic arm. So now somebody can easily get on the Northeast Corridor or if you break it up into parts, I’m not sure it would be detectable as you go through TSA,” Menendez says.

“Why are we spending billions in protecting our security both as we fly in the air and at home and then undermine it by allowing three-dimensional guns to be created on the internet – it undermines the whole purpose of their national security,” Menendez says.

Menendez and others are readying legislation to halt them, but they argue the easiest thing to combat them is for the administration to forcibly argue against them in the courts.

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