Hundreds Still Struggling To Rebuild, 7 Years After Superstorm Sandy

Hundreds Still Struggling To Rebuild, 7 Years After Superstorm Sandy

By:  Peter Haskell
WCBS 880

Seven years after Superstorm Sandy slammed the Tri-State area, hundreds of families still have not finished rebuilding.

Tuesday marks the anniversary of the deadly storm, which cause widespread destruction in New Jersey and New York, and New Jersey officials estimate about 700 of the 7,400 people that participated in a post-Sandy rebuilding project still haven’t finished.

Doug Quinn is among those in New Jersey still struggling to rebuild and he says his insurance company has caused more and more headaches over the years.

“Seven years of our lives are gone and we were fully insured,” Quinn told WCBS 880’s Peter Haskell.

Quinn's insurance company refused to pay for the damages to his Toms River home and he notes that what he’s seen since October 2012 is “criminal.”

“When people pay premiums and are supposed to get an honest claim for an honest dollars premium, don't have that happen,” he said.

Seeing how families continue to struggle, Sen. Bob Menendez proposed reforms to the flood insurance program, saying his bill would've helped consumers.

“We capped premium increases at half of the rate of the house bill and provide affordability assistance to lower, middle income home owners in high cost states like New Jersey,” he said.

The measure also provides money for flood prevention, according to Haskell.

Menendez announced the proposal in front of Quinn’s newly refurbished home.