Menendez tours Sandy victims’ new home; touts flood reform bill

Menendez tours Sandy victims’ new home; touts flood reform bill


Sen. Bob Menendez toured the newly rebuilt home of a Superstorm Sandy victim ahead of the seventh anniversary of the storm.

The Democratic senator toured the home of Toms River resident Doug Quinn. Quinn’s home was completed a few weeks ago, but not after fighting with his insurance company for an extended period. Quinn says that it took an emotional toll.

"The longer people are out, the more they have financial difficulties,” says Quinn. “They start to experience marital problems, increase physical and mental issues, divorce rates go up. We've had people commit suicide."

New Jersey officials say about 700 of the 7,400 people participating in its main post-Sandy rebuilding project still have not completed the process. Some of those, however, have been able to return to their homes as they wait to "close out" the complicated process.

Menendez rolled out his plan for a new National Flood Insurance Program Reform bill so that the victims of the next storm won’t experience the tribulations Sandy victims have had.

“I didn't come here to take a victory lap. I came here to tell a hard truth, which is without real reform we can expect the same exact problems we faced after Superstorm Sandy when the next storm comes,” Menendez said.

The bill includes cutting back on rate hikes and long-term certainty for a period of five years in addition to adding enhanced mapping in flood risk zones and investing in mitigation measures.