Passaic County Passport , Notary Services & Veteran ID Cards

March 28, 2012 from 5:00PM to 7:00PM

The Passaic County Clerk's Office is welcoming residents to come in for Passport and Notary services. You can contact the Passaic County Clerk's Office at (973) 225-3690 for further information.

In addition, the Passaic County Clerk's Office and Department of Veterans' Affairs have partnered to provide Passaic County Veterans with a free Photo ID Card. These cards identify veterans who served in our armed forces, and received an honorable discharge following their military service. The ID cards give veterans the ability to receive discounts or benefits offered by stores and restaurants. Many establishments offer 10% or more in discounts to our vets, who have had to carry their DD-214 discharge document to prove their military status.

In order to obtain an identification card, a Veteran will need to present a copy of their DD-214 Military Discharge Record along with proof of identity and domicile in Passaic County. They can also register their DD-214 discharge papers with the Passaic County Clerk's Office. Registering this form affords the veteran the security of knowing that his/her records are permanently recorded.

There is no fee for the ID cards and you can contact the Passaic County
Clerk's Office at (973) 513-9900 for further information.